Divining Another Dream

Bernadette Davis (author)

Nine-year-old Laiza Wendel can't remember anything because her memory consists only of events in her future. But for her, the future suddenly begins to look… short. She believes it means she will die soon, but she can’t see how. Her teacher and friends want to help her overcome her new and unusual fear of getting hurt, but Laiza knows that they can’t help unless she shares the secret about how she sees. Will she be able to determine what’s wrong before her world falls apart?

(Hardcover) 9780692047477
(Paperback) 9781732389809
(eBook) 9781732389816
(Hardcover) $24.00
(Paperback) $12.00
(eBook) $5.99
Publication Date: 
(Hardcover) January 20, 2018
(Paperback) June 1, 2018
(eBook) June 1, 2018
(Hardcover) 216
(Paperback) 270
(Hardcover) 6(w) x 9(h) x .625(d)
(Paperback) 5(w) x 8(h) x .6(d)
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(Hardcover) Yes
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